ABC Riddle Books

Bet you can’t guess just one!

Engaging riddles in rhyme for each letter of the alphabet fill the books in the ABC Riddles series with hours of fun for young readers. Challenged to match letters and sounds, and to think logically, youngsters can enjoy these books alone, or with friends, parents, teachers, and classmates. Try one!

Picture books


The book that started it all: Peel is the rhyming story of a young elephant’s adventures as he meets other creatures and learns about sensitivity, courage, and the importance of “learning from the good times and the bad.” Includes an original song with score.

“My husband received an autographed copy of this book when the author came to his elementary school to read it. He has passed it down to our children and we are now using it for reading during home school. My children love Peel and enjoy reading about his adventures. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is written in a fun little rhyme.” (November 2011)


Inspired by an Oceanic creation myth, this stunningly illustrated book is the story of a young spider who faces the challenge of exploring a new planet and preparing it for the first human begins. Emphasizing personal and planetary responsibility, the text includes two original songs with scores. Full color.


Every new message from Great-Aunt Gladys nurtures a young girl's dream of traveling the world. Each postcard gives her a glimpse of faraway people and places, including postmarks and stamps. The book presents an intriguing glimpse into history, but its mainly for children, who will see how important it is to dream and to work to make your dreams come true.The illustrations are a colorful collage of drawings, photographs, and post-card images.